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Six-storey skyhouse developmen­t a ‘blueprint’ for CBD living


THE approval of a massive mixed-use “skyhouse” developmen­t could serve as the blueprint for increasing the number of people living in the Toowoomba CBD, according to council’s planning and developmen­t chair.

Councillor Megan O’Hara Sullivan welcomed Burke Enterprise­s’ plan to build a sixstorey developmen­t on Mylne Street, which featured eight “skyhouse” apartments, four townhouses, a retail shop as well as a cafe and restaurant.

The concept, which will potentiall­y add dozens of new residents to the city centre, was approved by the council.

Ms O’Hara Sullivan said the council wanted to see more projects like this one, which combined a number of uses under one developmen­t.

“It’s all about the housing choice (and) being able to offer people that (so) this is a good blueprint or design for that,” she said.

“How we’re going to reactivate the CBD is by offering different housing choices to live there.

“People think everyone wants the detached house, but our demographi­cs are more sophistica­ted now.

“Many don’t want to live in a detached house – they want to live close to the city and walk and ride everywhere.”

The council’s belief in mixed use inner-city living has been shown in the developmen­t of other projects.

Local developer Barry Bernoth agreed to amend his plan for an apartment block on Mylne Street by adding a ground floor commercial activation space, in line with the council’s wishes.

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