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$7300 fine for evading cops


SPEEDING away from police calling on him to stop has proved an expensive manoeuvre for a Toowoomba Harley Davidson rider.

Toowoomba Magistrate­s Court heard a police patrol had spotted Allan Ronald Butlin accelerate away on his Harley Davidson motorcycle from the intersecti­on of James and Kitchener streets about 2.49pm on August 15.

Police watched as the 31year-old did a U-turn on Phillip St and sped away at an estimated 100kmh and weaving in traffic, police prosecutor Bettina Trenear said.

Not long after, Butlin was seen riding on James St, seemingly well above the 60kmh speed limit, she said.

The police officers went to Butlin’s residence and waited for the motorcycle rider to arrive home.

Butlin blew a breath/alcohol reading of 0.092.

He told police he hadn’t stopped upon their direction because he didn’t want to talk to them, Ms Trenear said.

Butlin pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, drink driving, and an evasion offence.

His solicitor Chelsea Saldumbide, of McConnell and Saldumbide Criminal Lawyers, told the court her client had suffered trauma as a child and was medicated for depression.

On the day of the offences her client had suffered flashbacks from his childhood and he had gone for a ride but stopped for two beers each at two pubs, she said.

The police had taken him to the hospital after his arrest because of the distress he was feeling at the time, she said.

Magistrate Howard Osborne fined Butlin a total of $7342.50, placed him on 12 months probation and disqualifi­ed him from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence for the mandatory two years.

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