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‘Steaks’ are high over groundbrea­king event


BEEF masters will be plating up the goods in a battle that continues to heat up, to showcase the quality offerings in the Darling Downs.

TSBE officially launched its 2021 Darling Downs Beef Battle on Wednesday, with hundreds of people set to judge 10 local producers and their steaks.

And after placing second every year, Mort and Co operations manager for meat Ed LaBrie is stepping up to the challenge again.

But this year, he’s got his eyes on the prize and is hoping to impress with the wagyu striploin.

“We’ve always come runner-up, but we’re looking to take it out this year and give the other brands a bit of a stirup,” Mr LaBrie said.

The blind taste-test will see more than 340 attendees sample and judge 10 courses of medium rare and seasoned steak, along with sides and beverages.

Continuing to grow since the annual competitio­n first launched, last year’s event was somewhat smaller with less than 300 in attendance.

Each angus or wagyu product must have a maximum marbling score of five and will be scored on a number of factors.

The steaks will be cooked by a team of chefs from Clifford Park Racecourse and a celebrity chef, who is yet to be announced.

And the event comes at no better time after some producers in the sector continue to recover post-Covid-19.

“Our company specifical­ly has fared pretty well during the Covid situation, and being a non-packer exporter, most of our issues have been around labour, plants and not being able to produce all the time,” Mr LaBrie said.

“But by bringing everyone in the industry together and working through the issues we are facing together, this event is the best chance of (overcoming those obstacles.)”

TSBE Food Leaders Australia general manager Bruce McConnel said he believed the Darling Downs should claim the title of the beef capital of Australia.

“The Darling Downs is well-known globally as one of the best producers of highend, grain-fed beef,” Mr McConnel said.

“This is actually where 60% of Australia’s feedlottin­g occurs and nearly 70% of Australia’s red meat processing occurs within this region.

“Rockhampto­n can be called the cattle capital because that’s where the cattle walk, but they turn into the beautiful product we eat right here in the Darling Downs.”

The beef battle will be held at Clifford Park Racecourse on Hursley Rd, on October 28 and runs from 5.30 to 9.30pm.

Tickets for TSBE members are $140 and $170 for nonmembers. TO REGISTER, EMAIL EVENTS@TSBE.COM.AU OR VISIT TSBE.COM.AU.

 ?? Picture: Nev Madsen. ?? DIG IN: Mort and Co’s Sarah Patterson tries the Pheonix Wagyu Striploin at the 2021 Darling Downs Beef Battle launch.
Picture: Nev Madsen. DIG IN: Mort and Co’s Sarah Patterson tries the Pheonix Wagyu Striploin at the 2021 Darling Downs Beef Battle launch.

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