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Good news story


HERE’S a good news story for a change.

Last Thursday I called to Zarraffas in Anzac Ave for a regular “caff-fix” – a flat white and toast.

I had my card at the ready to pay when the Director of First Impression­s … the woman taking my order said (and I quote), “your order has already been paid for”. I was surprised, .so I asked the obvious – “what do you mean?”

She picked up $10 in cash and told me that the previous customer had made the payment with the instructio­n that it be payment for the next customer.

I was still surprised, even confused (which I might add, is not unusual).

I told her that I can’t do that. I suggested that she put the money in the tip/donation jar on the counter but she insisted, “No, the previous customer specifical­ly asked that his/ her $10 go towards the next customer”.

So, thank you to the person concerned and thank you to Zarraffas and the staff concerned.

The coffee and toast was just great (as always), most enjoyable along with the traditiona­l read of the “Good Morning Daily” The Chronicle. RUSSELL WILSON, Toowoomba

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