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Daylight saving


MANY years ago when I spent a year in Melbourne, I really enjoyed, in the summer months, being able to have a picnic night-time meal in the park.

I was able to recognise that it was a blessing that came, almost as a compensati­on for the long dreary winter.

Nowadays, the southern states capitalise by changing their clocks to “give” themselves another hour of daylight.

Funnily enough there really is much less change in the length of daylight hours in the south of Queensland.

The further one travels north the variation in daylight hours becomes less and less.

By the time we reach Rockhampto­n it is almost negligible, and the effect of changing the clocks just becomes a nuisance.

Anywhere north of there it is even more so.

Every year we hear the same old same old moaning about the difficulty of being in a different time zone from NSW.

Well, we do manage to change for SA, NT, WA, and goodness gracious me, maybe London, New York and even China.

Just what is the big deal?

Let’s just leave our clocks alone. It causes more problems to people in northern and western Queensland to change than it does for the poor people in southern Queensland to cope with not changing.

F. BARNES, Toowoomba

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