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SMS 2 ED It’s time Qld Government put its hands in treasurer’s pocket and did something about the hospital system instead of wanting Federal Government to do the job it’s suppose to for its state. Toowoomba and surroundin­g areas badly need more hospital


People need to speak out if they are against being forced to drink sewage water even if it has supposedly been treated. Also, remember the virus only has to escape from one person to start an epidemic as has happened down south. Now we are stuck with a permanent quarantine hub by the Premier’s actions. Te next state and council elections are in 2024. Just saying. Macca, Newtown

Beautifull­y dressed ladies & gentlemen in photo from 1938 T.C. 5/10/21. What a refreshing change from recent photos featuring plunging necklines, shirts hanging out from obese bellies, thongs and other ugliness.


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