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Warwick drug offenders named


POLICE raided Leonard Charles Junior Smith’s home on July 28, uncovering 245g of marijuana along with a bong, grinder and scales.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan told Warwick Magistrate­s Court the 32-year-old then came clean about his selling the drug to earn some extra cash in the preceding months.

Smith pleaded guilty to one count each of supplying dangerous drugs, possessing dangerous drugs, and possessing drug utensils. He was put on a 12 month probation.

Kevin John Liddelow claimed the stash of restricted drugs and utensils found in his car was a remnant from his past lifestyle.

Officers searched his Allora home on September 7 and located more than 50 tablets of Viagra or similar medication in his Volkswagen Polo, along with meth residue in a shoe in the boot and two pipes in a tyre cavity. Liddelow pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawfully possessing restricted drugs and one count of possessing drug utensils. His suspended sentence was extended by three months and he was fined $600.

A series of run-ins with police in only a few months landed Naomi Lee Keegan in court facing a string of charges.

Warwick Magistrate­s Court was told Keegan’s trouble began when police found a glass meth pipe on a chair in her front yard on March 15.

Weeks later on April 1 officers nabbed the 42-year-old behind the wheel with meth in her system. Keegan was again caught drug-driving weeks later, and was busted with another pipe and clip seal bags with meth residue in her handbag on June 7. Keegan pleaded guilty to two counts each of drug-driving and possessing a drug utensil, among other charges. She was fined $1000 and disqualifi­ed from driving for five months.

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