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Webcke cracks whip on rodeo support


“This is more about is community, this to very important this district.”

Shane Webcke

HOMEGROWN rugby league legend Shane Webcke dropped into town on Tuesday as he prepared to get his boots dirty at the Rose City’s biggest sporting event, the Warwick Rodeo.

Webcke made his way to the Warwick Showground­s where he shared his passion and love for both sport and the Southern Downs, and revealed his eagerness for the 2021 rodeo.

The former Leyburn lad said it was important for the community to come together, get down there and support

the event after last year’s cancellati­on due to Covid.

“This is more about community, this is very important to this district, for what it brings for businesses. It’s really, really important,” Webcke said.

“It’s about being with your mates, the love of the atmosphere.

“Even if you’re not engaged in the horse sports you’ll enjoy the event.

“It’s been going on for over a hundred years and without people supporting it, it won’t be able to continue to go ahead.”

Despite being one of the

biggest sporting names to have grown up in the region, Webcke’s first love had always been farming.

He grew up on a sheep and cattle station near Leyburn and when he wasn’t farming, he was playing or watching sport.

“Sports when you grew up in a small town, it was just part of the fabric, it makes us all feel alive,” he said.

Webcke played junior footy for the Wattles Allora/ Clifton and went on to play for the Brisbane Broncos in more than 250 matches and four grand finals.

Since retiring from profession­al

league 16 years ago, Webcke now dedicates much of his time to working as a farmer at his property in Leyburn.

Webcke said he always knew coming home to live in the country was the right move for him when he retired.

“I’m passionate about farming to be honest, that’s my first love, I have an enduring love of the land,” Webcke said.

He spends almost everyday on his farm and drew upon the similariti­es from playing profession­al rugby to handling livestock at the rodeo.

“The skill of campdrafte­rs and the horses really fascinates me. I grew up on a sheep and cattle farm and to influence the livestock the way they do is incredible,” he said.

“It’s hard enough when you have fences to get them to move where and how you want them to.

“So I understand how difficult it is, and it takes an enormous amount of practice and skill to master it.”

Webcke said to get to a high level in any sport you need to have two things - talent and a strong work ethic.

 ?? ?? NRL legend Shane Webcke at Warwick Showground­s. Photo: Madison Mifsud-Ure / Warwick Daily News
NRL legend Shane Webcke at Warwick Showground­s. Photo: Madison Mifsud-Ure / Warwick Daily News

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