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AUSSIE mum Sally Faulkner has shared a touching photo of her estranged daughter Lahela on her 11th birthday and commented on how she is growing up into a teenager overseas without her.

Ms Faulkner (inset right) claims her oldest children, Lahela and Noah, were taken to Lebanon in 2015 by their father, Ali Elamine, under the guise of a two-week holiday but were never returned home as agreed.

Four 60 Minutes crew members, including reporter Tara Brown, were later arrested alongside Ms Faulkner in the Lebanese capital Beirut over allegedly working with former Australian soldier Adam Whittingto­n in a botched attempt to retrieve the children.

Ms Faulkner wrote under the new photo how much her daughter had changed.

“Just like that you turned 11. You grew up. I miss you sweet girl,” Ms Faulkner wrote.

The photo shows a smiling Lahela posing with a chocolate birthday cake that has the message “happy birthday Lala” written in icing on its top.

Ms Faulkner has posted video messages to her children on her social media. In one clip Lahela and Noah sent her a video message from Lebanon. “Hi mummy, hope your evening is going good, I think it’s evening or night, we also are going to send through another video for Izac and Eli … hope everything is good,” Lahela said.

In another clip Ms Faulkner spoke to Lahela and Noah while in bed with her toddler son Izac, whom she had with her new partner Brendan Pierce.

“I love you Lahela, I love you Noah,” Izac said while with his mum in bed with his dummy.

Ms Faulkner has a second son, Eli, with Mr Pierce.

She had her last meal with Lahela and Noah at a McDonalds in Beirut before she kissed them goodbye in April 2016.

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 ?? ?? Sally Faulkner posted a photo of daughter Lahela on her birthday.
Sally Faulkner posted a photo of daughter Lahela on her birthday.

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