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Hook, line & shrinker in fish war


PARIS: France may announce within days that it is reducing electricit­y supplies to Britain in retaliatio­n for London’s refusal to issue licences for French boats to fish in British waters, the Elysee Palace said.

Clement Beaune, the Minister for Europe, threatened to shrink energy supplies to Britain as Prime Minister Jean Castex said France was ready to throw into question all aspects of the EU’s post-Brexit trade deal, which was concluded last December, because of Britain’s “failure to comply with its commitment­s” on fishing access.

French fishermen were threatenin­g to disrupt Christmas for Britons by cutting off crucial supplies. Olivier Lepretre, head of the powerful northern France fisheries committee, said: “If negotiatin­g fails, we will stop all French and European products reaching the UK, and stop all British products reaching Europe.

“Unless Boris Johnson (pictured) backs down, the Brits will not have so many nice things to eat this Christmas. I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Mr Beaune noted that Britain was also suffering from a shortage of fuel, which he said was a direct consequenc­e of the country leaving the EU.

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