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Gogglebox’s armchair experts Adam and Symon pick their TV highlights for the coming week



BINGE/FOXTEL It’s the perfect lockdown show because it makes you feel like you’re not as alone as the contestant­s. It’s like a cross between Bear Grylls and Survivor, except that it’s real. Ten people dropped completely alone and filming everything by themselves and have to find their own food, water, make their own shelter and the last one to give up wins? Now that is a show made for when you can’t go outside.


APPLE TV+ It was a show we didn’t want to like. But bloody hell, we’re sold now. An American football coach going to coach soccer in England is such an annoying concept, but Ted is such a positive, loving, brilliant character. You’ll find yourself, like Rebecca, the team’s new owner – you don’t want to like Ted, but you end up loving him. It’s a genuine ray of sunshine in what otherwise has been a pretty average 18 months for a lot of people.


CHANNEL 9, WEEKDAYS 2PM Everyone needs a bit of random trivia in their life and 2pm is the perfect time. You’re a bit sleepy from eating too much at lunch and the chance of getting a pointless answer excites me more than it probably should.


FOXTEL/BINGE We genuinely can’t wait for the premiere of season three of Succession on October 17. Seriously, just hook that into our veins! But in the meantime the first two seasons are still on Foxtel and Binge for all that scheming and dealing leading to that micdrop moment in the finale.

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