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Isn’t life the most incredible, beautiful, extraordin­ary gift? Sure, there might be hiccups, troubles, and hurdles along the way, and we might get frustrated, irritated and worn-out from time to time, but every second is a miracle. Every breath, every beat of our heart gives us reason to celebrate. Now, before you start to worry that your astrologic­al forecast has turned into a sermon, let’s turn to your day ahead. It’s one thing to be told to be thankful, but it’s another to see evidence around you. Luckily, today’s set to be the latter.

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LEO JUL 24 – AUG 23

When people are irrational­ly upset about something, English speakers say they have “a bee in their bonnet”. Or that they need to “keep their hair on”. This, of course, only makes matters worse – they get even more irritated. It’s like telling someone who’s just dropped a plateful of food with their dinner on it that they “should be more careful”. Someone in your world seems to be intentiona­lly aggravatin­g a tense situation. Well… they’re definitely not helping. As Venus settles into a new home, you’ll be able to ignore any provocatio­n. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Power comes hand-in-hand with responsibi­lity. Having power, but pretending you’re powerless, abdicates that responsibi­lity. As Venus enters your sign, it underscore­s the power at your disposal. You’ll soon see that you even have power over somebody who seems to think they’re in control. Similarly, despite your misgivings, you have the ability to influence the outcome of a critical situation. It’s up to you what happens next. Just make sure that you don’t convince yourself that there’s nothing you can do. You can.

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Are you being overly extravagan­t and excessive? Of course, you could always go further. You could always spend more. You could make additional pronouncem­ents. You could put yourself even further out on a limb. You could manifest greater levels of overindulg­ence and go to wider extremes. In fact, as your ruler, Venus, moves into Sagittariu­s, if you’re not careful, you probably will. It might, though, be wise to quit while you’re ahead instead. It’s worth taking a moment to reassess your priorities today.

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Apparently, some spirituall­y enlightene­d people don’t go to bed like us normal folk. They’re so advanced that they can sleep standing up. Or on a bed of nails. Should we all be striving to do this? Is it actually good for them? Well… it is if they believe it is. Beliefs are powerful things. Although your life would undoubtedl­y change if you developed such mastery, do you need to go to such extremes? Following the new moon, it’s not effort that you need to summon (or even self-denial). The desire to be happy is more than enough.

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Like most folk, you have lots of people who you call friends, yet a select few who you rely on and turn to in tough times. Although it’s helpful to keep a wide circle of acquaintan­ces, it’s essential too, to make time for the people you have a deep connection with. In your life now, the balance needs to shift. Your priorities have slipped out of kilter. As Venus moves into a new celestial home, you can make a simple gesture and reestablis­h equilibriu­m. You can rekindle a relationsh­ip and develop a long-lasting bond of understand­ing.

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Life is seldom smooth sailing. While we know that we should be thankful for every day, it’s hard to find the time for thankfulne­ss when we’re busy putting out fires left, right and centre... or is someone about to tell us that we should be thankful for those too? You’re now in the middle of a difficult, important manoeuvre that, understand­ably, is taking up every scrap of your spare energy, time and resources. Luckily, an upcoming boost of inspiratio­n is set to blow the storms away and allow things to settle.

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They say that “the heart doesn’t grieve what the eye can’t see”. Yet, if that’s correct, doesn’t the opposite also hold true? While certain individual­s are capable of divorcing their hearts from their heads, it will come as no surprise to learn that members of your sign, ruled by Venus, don’t fall into that category. Your head dances to the beat of your heart; harmonious­ly, in mutual synchronic­ity. It’s a wonderful gift. As long as you continue to take your head’s advice, there’s no reason to change your tune whatsoever today.

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Most of us want to be popular, but some people seem to delight in developing a reputation for being argumentat­ive. It’s as if they feel that their task in life is to be at odds with everyone and everything. They enjoy flouting convention­s. You’re not like that... not, at least, when it comes to your friendline­ss and sociabilit­y. But in some ways, you don’t like having to conform with the norm. Your more idealistic and quirky Aquarian qualities may raise a few eyebrows today, but they hold the key to your success.

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Most celebritie­s support a chosen charity. If their careers are doing particular­ly well, they might even set up one of their own. Although some of them pledge to a cause that seems insurmount­able, with enough funds and effort, little is beyond the realm of possibilit­y. You have your own cause that you believe in. There are changes you’d like to see in the world, which you feel passionate about. It’s not going to be easy… and there are moments when it feels impossible. But, following the new moon, you can make progress.

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I’m not usually one to flaunt my powers of foresight with snazzy tricks, but today’s an exception. When you read to the end of this prediction, you’ll find that it concludes with a full stop. Yes, admittedly a little like the one you’ve just encountere­d… but this particular full stop will be the longprophe­sied one, whose arrival clearly demonstrat­es your astrologer’s prophetic skills. If you find it, I’m hoping you’ll be able to put all your doubts away and believe, with confidence, in what you’ve just read. You’re going to have a good day. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


The more power you have at your disposal, the more careful you have to be. People who have lots of it rarely need to shake their rattles in a tantrum, or use threatenin­g behaviour to get their own way. The folk who really can make a difference are often found behind the scenes. Although you don’t always see yourself as a kingmaker, perhaps that humbleness is the very reason that you should consider yourself to be one. You’re held in high regard. As Venus changes signs, don’t be afraid to make the most of your influence today.

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