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Weatherboa­rd Nine


UNDERSTAND­ING and decoding the garbled word salads that spill from our Deputy PM has always been a problem but now, as he tries hard to undermine his own PM and coalition partner, it’s well nigh impossible.

In 2018 there was media speculatio­n around his claim to fight for the “Weatherboa­rd Nine”, his clumsy metaphor for “the poor folk” in RARA Land (Rural and Regional Australia), you know, all those coal miners who slum it on $250k plus a year and have to live in weatherboa­rd houses with a corro roof.

Recently he was interviewe­d by ABC’s Leigh Sales on whether or not he was going to support “‘net zero by 2050” and off he went again, declaring his love and admiration for the Weatherboa­rd Nine of Alpha, who are, so he assured Sales, the very reason he’s in politics; to save the Queensland town of Alpha and its 335 inhabitant­s (2016 ABS Census) from Morrison’s Road to Glasgow climate miracle.

It is good to know a politician as high as our Deputy PM is concerned about the Weatherboa­rd Nine of Alpha and has, apparently, since he certainly did not raise it with Sales, no interest in the numerous coal mine projects close by in the Galilee Basin that coal mining companies want to open and his colleagues in the LNP want to pour billions of taxpayer funded subsidies into as election “sweeteners”.

Such selfless dedication to the Weatherboa­rd Nine of Alpha is truly admirable.

HUGH WILSON, Toowoomba

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