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Snake season


SNAKE season is here again. They are on the move along with the warm weather. Although many folk are petrified by snakes, snakes extremely rarely attack people. If left alone they will most always move on.

That’s if your garden etc doesn’t have places for them to hide. And the less food, especially mice, available they will move on in search of a feed.

In almost 20 years in Toowoomba itself I’ve only seen two snakes round our home and a few dead and alive on the roads. When we were out at Highfields for many years there were a few more but not a lot.

The two most venomous and likely to be seen here are the Red Belly black and the Eastern brown. Most others likely to be seen here are non-venomous.

Left alone and with as little food as possible and no hiding places, you will rarely encounter one. As they rarely attack they do much more good than any harm. And remember they are fully protected. The old adage that the only good snake is a dead snake just doesn’t apply.

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba

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