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The Hunter’s Moon, in Aries, is anything but straightfo­rward. With subtle Pluto linked to both ends of the Lunar axis, tensions will come to a head and manifest in less obvious ways than we expect. Life on planet Earth is often affected by unseen forces and hidden agendas. Yet the discovery of such influences needn’t be unsettling... it can be empowering and cathartic. Today, instead of thinking about what we want, we’re being encouraged to concentrat­e on how we want to feel. Deep desires can be satisfied.


Seriously, it’s time for a reality check. Do yourself a favour and let it go. Give yourself a break. You’re hoping for what? That’s ridiculous. I had you down as being level-headed, not the kind of person who would go hell and fury for something, despite the consequenc­es. Just because you’re energised by the full moon in your sign, doesn’t mean you have to abandon all sense. When you have a serious amount of cosmic power available, why not use it with skill? Focus your attention on what really matters today. Don’t waste this opportunit­y. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Members of your sign are rightly proud of their ability to articulate their emotions. We shouldn’t confuse that with being impolite. If anything, the reverse is true. If you think your emotional response might cause offence, you’re quick to shut it down and hide it away. And what of those rare occasions when you don’t quite know how you’re feeling? Well, you tend to disguise your uncertaint­y. The full moon encourages a full and frank conversati­on that will clear the air and alleviate a burden you may not even know you’re carrying.

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Being open-minded is a gift that tends to be undervalue­d. When we think of treasure, we’re much more likely to think about precious stones than the ability to be non-judgmental. Yet, there’s a real danger associated with valuing possession­s too highly... we close our minds and lose our ability to discrimina­te. This robs us of more than we’ll ever know. The full moon enables you to reconsider a decision. You’ve prejudged it too fast. Fresh perspectiv­e will open your eyes to the priceless profit and emotional rewards available.

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Is there a dark, hidden factory, located somewhere on our spinning ball of rock, that churns out worries and anxieties? Does the wind bring irritation­s and annoyances into our lives? If we close the curtains, and bolt the door, can we keep aggravatio­ns at bay? The reality is that we manufactur­e our fears and concerns ourselves. Even if you’re unable to completely close your own stress manufactur­er down, the full moon gives you access to a relaxation mechanism. You can use it to turn any negativity into positivity today.

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LEO JUL 24 – AUG 23

Teachers of mindfulnes­s talk about living in the moment. It’s important, they say, to be fully present in the here and now. But is there any other option? Actually... yes. It’s one thing to be conscious of the world around you, and another thing entirely to be alive and awake to the energies, possibilit­ies and potential in front of you. In your here and now, contentmen­t, calm, peace and conviction can reign. If you go with the flow today under the light of the powerful full moon, you’ll find yourself precisely where you’re meant to be.

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You’re an expert plate-spinner. When it comes to multi-tasking, no one’s a patch on you. You’re able to keep your eye on several different plates at the same time, while fulfilling the needs of the people you care about. What’s more, your ability to adapt to the demands of a variety of situations and challenges means you can cope with more on your plate than just about anyone. The full moon brings a chance to take a step back. There’s one special plate that you need to keep focusing on. You can let some of the other ones go.

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We tend to think that bravery involves being willing to take risks. Yet, in reality, it often takes courage to exercise caution. When, for example, we find ourselves under pressure from our peers to join in with their plans, it takes self-confidence not to just go with the flow. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t feel comfortabl­e, the full moon, in your opposite sign, empowers you to decide where you want to be, and how to get there. You’re not obliged to follow anyone. In doing what feels right to you, you’ll gain respect.

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As you adapt to the current cosmic climate’s enhanced quality of communicat­ion, it’s worth taking a look at where you’ve been running into difficulti­es recently. Since you’ve had cause to feel misunderst­ood, it’s hardly surprising that you’ve been reluctant to share your concerns. The full moon helps you find the composure to assimilate your feelings, and someone with whom you can talk things through. An enlightene­d conversati­on will set you back on track and encourage you to make a change that will benefit you for a long time to come. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


You’re on an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime to the Maldives. You’ve got your own private island. The ocean’s crystal clear, perfectly warm, and a dazzling azure blue. You’re staying in a luxurious hotel, with a restaurant serving delicious local delicacies. But... if you look carefully enough, you’ll notice the towels are slightly faded. And what about those leaves floating in the pool? Could a tiny flaw irreparabl­y blight an otherwise exciting opportunit­y today? Make sure you focus on the big picture rather than the details.

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According to TV crime dramas, if something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. When it comes to the statements of shifty characters, who will say anything to put the forces of law and order off their scent, it makes sense to approach any tip-offs with caution. But it makes a lot less sense in real life, where these words can become an excuse to hide behind. Don’t let an opportunit­y pass you by today. Something that looks good actually is good. You deserve some luck, and the full moon brings what you need, with bells on.

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“Never trouble trouble, ‘til trouble troubles you.” This old saying has been adapted over time. Nowadays, we might say “don’t poke the bear”. The difference is that a bear looks like a bear, whereas trouble isn’t necessaril­y so easy to identify. Things (and people) aren’t always quite what they seem, and the trouble with trouble is that it usually comes from unexpected quarters. The full moon brings a realisatio­n that will help you identify a troublesom­e situation, and sort it out by joining forces with someone you were (wrongly) wary of.

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We believe we have a lot of knowledge, yet in reality, we don’t know as much as we think. This has nothing to do with a lack of informatio­n. Sometimes, the facts can be staring us in the face but we still can’t see them. Our biases and our presumptio­ns are too powerful. Even if we sense that we’ve misjudged something, our minds overrule our feelings. That’s why we sometimes trip ourselves up. The full moon heightens your sensitivit­y. Learn from the events that take place today. Have the courage to follow your instincts. They’re right.

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