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Quarry Gardens


WITH the recent announceme­nt of the mountain bike project to the escarpment, questions are raised of the future plan for the proposal to investigat­e options for the Quarry Garden project which adjoins the parkland mountain bike developmen­t.

The mountain bike trails have for many years been enjoyed by the community, but the question is raised now of facilities for this recreation area – essential amenities like toilet complex, drinking water, parking.

The Quarry Garden project keeps raising its head with ideas, some that have never been considered (refer Facebook – Friends of the Quarry Gardens), and with funding for the plan already allocated, perhaps it’s about time this project and its plan is either developed or ditched!

Many factors have changed since the first seed was planted for this project of the gardens, which now needs greater considerat­ion for the whole community to enjoy any proposed facility.

The question is raised: “How will the project of the Quarry Gardens developmen­t and the Olympic mountain bike project in this location with limited access and facilities be considered for both projects to be successful?”

Is this just another reason why the quarry project will be put on the back burner or perhaps never be considered?

The need to manage this sensitive area of escarpment land is significan­t and also the future plan for sport/ adventure tourism opportunit­ies for the area as well as consultati­on with the residents to consider their opinions.

It’s time, well past time, to see any project on this site and adjoining parkland put to the community at perhaps the same speed now that developmen­t occurs on the western projects of the city.

BARB McGOVERN, Toowoomba

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