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‘Killing this world’


MEMBERS of the Southern Downs community have given their thoughts on climate change, outlining their concerns and views on one of the most topical and current global issues.

From their opinions on sustainabl­e energy sources to water supply, nothing was off limits when the Border Post spoke to residents on Monday.

Lynne Mungall from Ballandean said climate change was a “real” and “scary” issue.

“It’s scary what’s happening, we don’t know how to fix it. The whole world needs to be involved in fixing it,” she said.

“I’m always worried about the water, it’s an issue that unfortunat­ely people across Australia take for granted.”

Ruth Offer from Tenterfiel­d said the climate had been changing on and off for years.

“It happened in lifetimes before us, but in our lifetime we’re thinking it’s the first time we’re experienci­ng it,” she said.

Ms Offer said it was important for political figures and government­s to address the issue.

“Present politician­s left or right need to sit up and take notice of their environmen­t and listen to what their constituen­ts are saying and the world is saying, we don’t want Australia to get left behind,” she said.

Ms Offer said the government only addressed an issue in reaction to a major event.

“Probably not enough is being done and they’re leaving this for the last minute, this is not the way to go,” she said.

Sue-Ann Gilmour from Stanthorpe said she believed there was a reason the weather has become more unpredicta­ble recently.

“It’s a whole cycle of the heat, the extremes. I know the hailstorms are part and parcel of the Granite Belt, but on Thursday it did happen in places you don’t normally get the extremitie­s of the weather,” she said.

Anita and Arnin Stockburge­r from Logan said climate change was a “huge” issue that needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

“We’re killing this world, we have to think about the next generation and our grandchild­ren,” Mrs Stockburge­r said.

Mr Stockburge­r said a solution was getting rid of coal, which would make the air cleaner.

Shelley Jackson from the Gold Coast said she believed climate change was a major issue that needed to be addressed by implementi­ng sustainabl­e practices.

“We need to change to better power sources rather than coal, like solar or wind power,” she said.

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