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Scriptwrit­ers love the idea of being able to travel back in time and make subtle changes, which radically alter the present. This is Back To The Future Day, when one of the most successful examples of this trope is celebrated. Ironically, we don’t need DeLoreans, or even movies, to experience time travel. We can simply look up and see the light of countless stars arriving on Earth billions of years after it’s been emitted. We’re all time travellers. Taking targeted action now could make all the difference to the future.


Life’s filled with things we don’t particular­ly want to do. Yet because we’re worried that something untoward will happen if we don’t do them, we do them anyway. It might not be fair (or much fun) but it’s not worth losing sleep over. The more we focus on what’s wrong, the worse we feel. The more graciously we take things in our stride, the less hassled we feel. So, does the secret of success involve being complacent? Not at all. But if you’re going to try to right a wrong, take one step at a time today. You’ll have more enthusiasm.

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LEO JUL 24 – AUG 23

In the Northern hemisphere, Leos are born in the depth of summer. Maybe that’s why you’re known for your sunny dispositio­n and the warmth of your generosity. But even though you’re ruled by the powerful Sun, your self-confidence and zest for life isn’t limitless. Even you falter sometimes. It may not be obvious to the people around you though; you’re able to see straight to the heart of the matter, even when you’re feeling confused. You don’t need to respond to pressure to act today. If you take your time, you’ll find a better way.

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According to tradition, fairy queens travel on the backs of swans. These beautiful birds fly in such a majestic way that they’re mentioned in ancient myths and have a special connection with royalty. Yet, even when they appear to be gliding elegantly across water, beneath the surface, they’re paddling like crazy. Life’s filled with things we can’t see. Instead of believing the evidence before your eyes today, look for what’s hidden out of view. Just because you can’t see a fairy waving a magic wand doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

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When Louis Armstrong first sang What A Wonderful World back in 1967, the lyric “the colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky, are also on the faces, of people passing by” was intended as a powerful counterpoi­nt to the racial discrimina­tion of the time. Yet, we still find it all too easy to see markers of difference as things that divide rather than enrich us. You’d think we’d have learned to value the gifts each individual brings by now. Today, you get to see that your difference­s with someone are a valuable asset. Teamwork is key.

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Are you taking responsibi­lity for a challengin­g situation that somebody else should be sorting out? Or is the opposite true? Are you becoming aware of the need to leap into action, because no one else seems able to see what needs to be done? I don’t want to add to your dilemma … but it could be either of these two scenarios. It could even be both. If you don’t know the answer yet, you soon will. Meanwhile, the important thing to be aware of is that whichever position you find yourself dealing with, you don’t have to worry.

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We’re an easily confused bunch. We start out with the best of intentions, with a clear idea of where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. We’re confident – our plan is wellconstr­ucted. We can almost taste victory. Then, something knocks us slightly off course and doubt creeps in. Perhaps we stumble at an unexpected hurdle, remember something we’d forgotten, or find our eye caught by something altogether different. There’s nothing wrong with getting distracted today. Something more exciting might come from it.

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Suppose you’re the captain of a huge ship loaded with cargo. It takes hundreds of metres to come to a stop and you’re trying to manoeuvre it into the harbour. No wonder you’re feeling anxious. You feel way too small to be able to control such a vast, complex vessel; the responsibi­lity is enormous. Adding to the pressure are other people’s voices shouting directions to you. “Turn more to the left”. “Go over there.” Should you heed their advice? Do they all know better than you? Trust what you know in your heart. You’ve got this.

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No relationsh­ip is straightfo­rward. Even the most easy going people, in the most compatible relationsh­ips, go through their ups and downs. And even the cleverest plans go awry. Everyone has their off days, their tough times; moments when it feels as if everything’s going pear-shaped and we wonder if we’ve made a ghastly mistake. Yet one problem doesn’t cause a crisis. Even a few problems don’t mean that you shouldn’t have committed to something (or someone). You can easily deal with any difficulti­es today.

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They say “all’s well that ends well”. Interestin­gly though, there aren’t many things on our planet that ever really end. Most of our stories seem to roll on and on. And if, as some folk say, life is a life sentence, then it’s a sentence punctuated with commas and exclamatio­n marks. There’s only ever one full stop. And even the end of life isn’t really an end. So, rather than aiming for happy ever after, try heading for happy for the time being. Even though a drama isn’t over, the next few days will work out much better than you think.

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When someone thinks they’ve got all the answers, there’s a good chance they’re not asking the right questions. Surely everyone on the planet understand­s that our world contains more mysteries and quandaries than one person could ever hope to solve? Even if you restricted your sleep, and spent every waking hour trying to figure out all the facts, what you discovered would be the equivalent of a drop in the ocean. Rather than focusing on the most burning question today, it’s time to think about the one you’d prefer to overlook. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to


Be careful … you’re much in demand. Although that might sound good, it’s not always quite as positive as it seems. Why would you want people to demand things of you? And, what happens if you refuse to meet their needs? Requests and invitation­s are welcome of course, and, to a certain extent, we all need to be needed. Although you’re feeling a strong sense of duty and the pressures of high expectatio­ns, in pandering to this you could be setting the wrong precedent. Instead, try making a few demands of your own today.

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Be courageous. Be wise. Be honourable. Be resilient. Be informed. Be attentive. Be rational. Be fair. Or, instead of all the above, you could just be … yourself. No one’s going to manage to embody all those fine qualities. And it’s worth rememberin­g that most people who claim to be virtuous are just very good at acting. Essentiall­y, you’re a good person. You inherently know the difference between right and wrong – and not just because someone’s told you. Trust your judgment, and be your kindest and most considerat­e best today.

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