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Seeking a quality of life


Gymea Bay’s Rebecca Angus, 36, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer three years ago. Although her initial treatment is complete, she is taking part in ongoing drug programs through Breast Cancer


“Sex isn’t really something you are interested in during the beginning phase,” she says.

“You are just trying to get used to the idea you have been diagnosed and there are obviously a lot of changes that happen physically and mentally.

“When you have no hair and eyebrows and these other side effects, you have a really poor body image throughout the treatment.” The mother of three says having a supportive partner helps a lot. “I’m very lucky my husband gave me space so I could accept what was happening to me and learn how to work on our relationsh­ip,” Angus says.

“A lot of clinical research is focused on providing lifesaving medication, but we also need to look at these quality of life issues for women, too.”

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