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While returning from the unsuccessf­ul siege of Toulon, a fleet of 21 English warships, unable to properly determine their longitude, run into the Scilly Isles. More than 1500 sailors are drowned, including Admiral Cloudesley Shovell, who was said to have been murdered by a local woman who stole his ring.


Army inspector AndreJacqu­es Garnerin makes the first parachute descent, jumping from a balloon 1000m above Paris. The parachute is made of canvas 7m in diameter. 1860

Thomas Pattison, a deaf migrant from Scotland, opens the Deaf And Dumb Institutio­n at Liverpool St, Sydney, offering private lessons to children.


The trans-Australian railway opens, with the first train leaving Port Augusta in SA for Kalgoorlie in WA.


Inventor Chester Carlson gives the first public demonstrat­ion of photocopyi­ng in New York City. Some 20 companies reject his product before a non-profit firm agrees to back his idea for Xerox.


The Cuban missile crisis grows as US president John F Kennedy declares a naval “quarantine” of Cuba after the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba.


KGB master spy George Blake , 44, escapes from a London maximum security prison, Wormwood Scrubs, by sawing bars and flees to the Soviet Union.


Ex-Democrats leader Natasha Stott Despoja announces she’ll quit federal politics when her term ends.

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