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I HAVE sev­eral com­ments in re­sponse to Dave Fred­er­ick’s let­ter.

We have two cars, a Nis­san XTrail 4WD and a Honda Jazz. I agree that it can be dif­fi­cult, vi­sion wise, when leav­ing a shop­ping cen­tre car park in the Jazz when there is a 4WD parked be­side

you. Just take it easy and move out slowly.4WDs have

as much right as any­one else to use the car park. Re­gard­ing 4WDs and “ego trips,” I have to dis­agree.

I re­placed my Holden Com­modore wagon eight years ago with the Nis­san, not for “ego” but be­cause of the ease of get­ting into and out of the Nis­san.

Arthri­tis and age­ing made it un­com­fort­able and dif­fi­cult to per­form the bending and stoop­ing re­quired to get in and out of the Holden. The ex­tra height of the Nis­san meant that I could get into it without hav­ing to bend and stretch.

An ego trip is own­ing a Porsche, Maserati etc.

For me, the 4WD is about com­fort and con­ve­nience. The Jazz is a won­der­ful car and, although smaller and lower than the Nis­san, is ex­tremely easy to en­ter and exit, cer­tainly much eas­ier than the Holden.

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