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DOES the thought of drop­ping your lit­tle one off for their first day of school send you into a blub­ber­ing mess? Here are some sur­pris­ing up­sides you may have not con­sid­ered.

1. Uni­forms: Truly a gift for par­ents. No more ar­gu­ing, no more tears and tantrums as they try to pull the dirt­i­est piece of cloth­ing from the bas­ket be­cause it’s all they will wear. 2. Bye bye sand: After years of kids in child care I hate sand so much I avoid the beach. Tech­ni­cally, there are sand pits at schools but kids don’t seem to fre­quent them so much. That means no more sur­prise pocket-fulls, shoe-fulls, floor, mouth or eye-fulls of the cursed stuff.

3. School hours: If you work out­side the home, run a house, or do any­thing really, kinder­garten hours are a pain. Granted, school hours aren’t busi­ness hours, but they do al­low you to get way more stuff done. And if you need a cou­ple of

ex­tra hours in your day, Out­side of School Hours Care is bril­liant – they feed them healthy food and keep them en­ter­tained and off the iPad. 4. No more child­care fees:

If you’ve had two kids in child­care for three days a week for three years, the av­er­age child­care cost is $98,542 (be­fore sub­si­dies, me­dian of $105 per day). You’ll be rolling in the dough once school starts. If you do use OSCH, it is a frac­tion of the cost.

For more, go to www.kid spot.com.au.

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ALL SET: There are many rea­sons to smile at the thought of your child start­ing school.

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