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Hard work pays off

- By Isabelle Harris

Cobram young gun wakeboarde­r Laney Chadwick has scored big in wakeboardi­ng at the Moomba Masters competitio­n in Melbourne over the long weekend.

The 15-year-old came third in the Junior Women’s Wakeboard with a score of 5.67 off the back of her Junior Women’s State Title win in Eildon in late February.

Laney said she was quite happy with her results, which have come from a long training history of hard work and dedication.

“I was very happy with (my results) ... I could have done a little better, but I’m pretty happy with what I did,” she said. “It was really shocking and exciting to find out my results ... it was kind of scary to compete in front of everyone but I don’t really look at the crowds.“

She first began wakeboardi­ng around the age of nine after spending time camping along the river and learning from her Dad, who also used to wakeboard.

Laney first started competing around the same age and met profession­al wakeboarde­r Chloe

Mills, who is from Yarrawonga.

She has now competed at competitio­ns in Australia and internatio­nally, including in Mexico in 2019 where she came second in worlds for 10-14-year-old girls.

“I really enjoy competing, it’s nice because you keep coming up against friends . . . it’s a really good atmosphere,” she said.

“I’m now friends with a lot of pros.” Laney regularly comes up against wakeboarde­rs many years older than herself and against some of the boys too, where she has fiercely held her own.

Her Dad Craig Chadwick said he was “very proud” of his daughter and her achievemen­ts.

“I’m absolutely proud, she works very hard at what she does. She’s out training four or five times a week,” he said.

“We train to win.”

Laney has high hopes as she is now looking to compete at the 2022 Australian Wakeboard National Titles in Canberra on April 6.

“I think I’ll do well if I improve more, which I’m trying really hard to do,” she said.

“I am hoping to come away on top.”

 ?? Photo: Tania Aumman ?? Big win: Laney Chadwick has scored some incredible recent results in wakeboardi­ng.
Photo: Tania Aumman Big win: Laney Chadwick has scored some incredible recent results in wakeboardi­ng.

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