The Cobram Courier

Holding Nationals to account

- — Rob Priestly, Independen­t candidate for Nicholls.

I have just received the brochure from the Nationals outlining the outcomes in the electorate of Nicholls over the past three years for which the Nationals are taking credit.

My immediate reaction was “who paid for this?” but I guess I will never know the answer to that question.

More importantl­y the list of outcomes while lengthy does little to demonstrat­e that the electorate has received anything other than the bare minimum that should be expected. Where is the vision?

Where are the achievemen­ts on climate change, integrity, aged-care, water policy and the Shepparton bypass?

Aged care is a perfect example of non-achievemen­t in Nicholls.

The Nationals were not able to achieve a suitable outcome for aged care in Murchison after the closure of the DP Jones Nursing Home.

That was a perfect opportunit­y for our representa­tive to stand up for his community (which respective­ly Damian Drum did attempt to do) but it is pretty obvious that it just didn’t matter in Canberra.

As long as Nicholls remains a safe Coalition seat, the needs of our community will continue to be brushed off by party bosses.

All these issues should be front and centre in Nicholls and it is for this reason that Rob Priestly is the right person to represent Nicholls into the future.

More of the same from the Nationals just won’t cut it any more.

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