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1 What is the act of killing a king? (8)

7 In which state is Hell’s Canyon, the US’s deep­est river gorge? (5) 8 What meal is an ana­gram of “stale lamb”? (9) 9 Which com­puter key fa­cil­i­tates lay­ing out in col­umns? (3) 10 What edi­ble starch is ob­tained from a palm? (4) 11 By what name was China known to me­dieval Europe? (6)

13/14 Whose 1966 sale of his TWA air­line shares net­ted him US$546 mil­lion? (6,6)

17 What is the cap­i­tal of Por­tu­gal? (6)

18 Who is the Egyp­tian god­dess of fer­til­ity? (4) 20 What is the vi­brat­ing ball in a ref­eree’s whis­tle called? (3)

22 What is a lover or con­nois­seur of wines? (9) 23 What is a large up­per-storey bay with win­dow, sup­ported by brack­ets or on cor­bels? (5)

24 Which grand mau­soleum was built in hon­our of a woman who died giv­ing birth to her 14th child? (3,5)


1 Who was twin brother of Ro­mu­lus? (5)

2 Which UK city has the low­est life ex­pec­ta­tion for men? (7)

3 Where is Guan­tá­namo Bay? (4)

4 In which US city was there a much-re­ported “grassy knoll”? (6)

5/6 Who had hits in the 1960s with “El Paso” and “Devil Woman”? (5,7)

7 What is a nar­row strip of land con­nect­ing two larger land ar­eas? (7)

12 Wal­lace and Gromit were cre­ated in which UK city? (7) 13 In a song, what did Kris Kristof­fer­son take out of his dirty red ban­danna? (7)

15 What is an­other name for cannabis? (8)

16 What is the trans­par­ent layer form­ing the front of the eye? (6)

17 The works of Fran­cis Ba­con and Isaac New­ton were writ­ten in what lan­guage? (5)

19 Mem­bers of what type of band play on oil drums? (5) 21 What are un­wanted, mass-sent emails? (4)

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