10 time­sav­ing cook­ing hacks

With time be­ing a pre­cious re­source, spend­ing hours cook­ing up de­li­cious feasts tends to go by the way­side

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THANK­FULLY nutri­tion­ist and au­thor Rosie Mans­field has some in­ge­nious hacks for sav­ing a lot of time in the kitchen, while still plat­ing up great home-cooked fare.

1. Peel­ing knob­bly spices

In­stead of pick­ing up your trusty peeler for gin­ger or turmeric, grab a tea­spoon. Take the edge of the tea­spoon and scrape it along the skin and it will eas­ily pull away with­out tak­ing half the gin­ger with it.

“It is a much eas­ier way to get the skin off be­fore chop­ping or grat­ing,” she says.

2. One-pan won­der

Rosie sug­gests select­ing dishes where you can throw ev­ery­thing in the one pan for a quick mid-week din­ner.

Here, you only have one dish to look af­ter so you won’t be jug­gling mul­ti­ple com­po­nents and it will save time on the clean-up.

3. Choose the right recipes

When look­ing to save time, Rosie’s rule is to look for recipes with less than 10 in­gre­di­ents.

“Make things sim­pler and get back to the bare es­sen­tials – you can make quick and nu­tri­tious food this way,” she says.

4. Short cuts

For quick scram­bled eggs, Rosie sug­gests crack­ing eggs into a protein shaker. “Just shake it up and pour into a pan; less uten­sils and su­per fast.”

5. No-fuss po­ta­toes

An easy way to ditch potato skins is to boil them in their jack­ets. Af­ter they’re cooked, they will eas­ily slide out of their shells.

6. Spi­ral­is­ing

This is the fastest and best way to add veg­eta­bles to a meal, Rosie ex­plains. There’s no time-con­sum­ing chop­ping.

You sim­ply spi­ral your cho­sen veg­etable then steam or add raw to your dish.

7. No waste lemons

How many lemons have you wasted when you just need a small squeeze of juice? Well, Rosie has the best so­lu­tion.

“Put a pin prick in a lemon with a skewer and squeeze,” she says. This way you don’t have any waste and it’s faster and eas­ier to juice.

8. Easy wedges

Who doesn’t love a good hand­cut wedge, but hates te­dious chop­ping? Rosie sug­gests us­ing an ap­ple corer and with one slice you have per­fect wedges.

9. Speedy gar­lic

Get­ting rid of the pesky skin on gar­lic is al­ways a time-con­sum­ing task. How­ever, Rosie re­veals if you soak your gar­lic cloves in equal parts ap­ple cider vine­gar and wa­ter mix for a few min­utes, half the work will be done for you.

“This mix will nat­u­rally take a bit of the peel off and as a bonus will soak off most of any pes­ti­cides used (if you don’t buy or­ganic),” she ex­plains.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t af­fect the taste at all.

10. Sim­ple caramelised onions

“If you slowly fry onions for seven min­utes and dur­ing the last minute add a ta­ble­spoon of bal­samic vine­gar, you will have the most de­li­cious caramelised onions in no time,” she says.

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