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2022: The Year of Perseveran­ce & Fulfilment


As a new entrant to the world of small business ownership, I would liken the initial set up and launch phase to drinking from a firehose. The pace and ferocity of it all can be quite overwhelmi­ng while also being exhilarati­ng at the same time. Having only recently decided to wave farewell to the comforts of a salary, I, like the many readers of Corporate Escapist, chose to embrace the freedom and accountabi­lity, the risk and reward, and the opportunit­ies attached to owning and running my own business.

Having worked most of my career in the financial services industry, and enjoying the comforts and security that came with it, my colleagues thought I was crazy to resign and launch my own ethically focused managed fund. Yes, this move certainly came with significan­t risk however as there was a rapidly increasing demand for ethical and responsibl­e investment­s and a shortage of alternativ­es that were truly ethical and responsibl­e (and not one investment manager whose operations were carbon neutral) I accepted the risks, raised the capital, and made my move. Do I have regrets? Only not having done it sooner!

Having worked nearly two decades for large organisati­ons I had become tired of the big company molasses and the glacial pace in which things moved. I mean this in both the operationa­l sense and the sustainabi­lity sense. Nothing kills desire and enthusiasm faster than overly bureaucrat­ic processes and resistance to change (or being changed). This is where small business dominates big businesses: with their agility and adaptabili­ty. When a market pivots, a trend changes, or an opportunit­y arises a small business will always be able to respond far quicker than their larger counterpar­ts.

The physical and mental challenges faced by the majority of Australian­s in 2020/2021 had a huge and detrimenta­l impact on the unbridled optimism that Australian’s are globally recognised for. Despite this, there are two traits that have remained intact and perhaps have become magnified over the last two years:

1. Our perseveran­ce, grit, and willingnes­s to continue to work a job we don’t enjoy, to take on extra when our workload is already too much, to put in our all for a salary less than what we are worth, and suffer setbacks, all to be able to provide and care for our loved ones and keep the home fires burning.

2. Our drive to achieve a sense of fulfillmen­t by helping others in need, even if we ourselves need a helping hand. Helping others and achieving satisfacti­on or happiness, as a result, is at the core of the Aussie spirit.

2022 will no doubt bring a number of new and unexpected challenges. This fact should always be in our minds as we mentally prepare to travel into each new year. It will also be the year when these two traits can be deployed together to realise a greater and more positive impact, on an individual level and for the country.

Perseveran­ce doesn’t mean you must always accept the value someone else applies to you or your efforts. C S Lewis wrote: “We are what we believe we are”. 2022 should be the year that your grit is channelled towards changing your trajectory and seeking a life and career that you want. Perseveran­ce mixed with self-confidence forms a potent fuel for change. You will never reach your true potential living life in comfort and routine.

Fulfilment can be obtained in different ways. From the simple to the complex, and from the immediate to the immeasurab­le. This can (and will) be achieved by donating time, money or supplies to charity, encouragin­g a climate sceptic to put solar on their roof to save money on their power bills, and making smarter and more ethical investment choices. With the Great Resignatio­n sweeping throughout the world, as more people than ever before seek fulfilment with their work, there is no reason why Australian­s shouldn't seek the same. With ~2.4m small businesses in Australia, I would suggest many are already on this path.

Without realising it, me and Umair (my business partner) harnessed these two traits when building and launching Haven Wealth Partners. Despite the many nay-sayers (from the comfort and sheltered harbour of their salaried positions) telling us that it would be too difficult, too risky, and near impossible to build and launch our own truly ethical managed fund, we went and did it. We persevered, we overcome challenges one after another and now we are enjoying the fulfilment that has come from it all. The Fund is performing well and we continue to see new money coming into the fund as investors seek to invest for purpose, not just profit. Now we are open for investment the next challenge begins.

2022 is in front of us and is ours to design. The attitude we approach it with will determine what it yields and what can be accomplish­ed. Australia will repair this division and regain its positive momentum again, not immediatel­y, but definitely!

Entreprene­urship is the backbone of the Australian economy (and indeed every economy), with more than 2.4m small-medium businesses in operation. This is a widely known and often mentioned fact. It stands to reason then that it is small-medium business that leads the way into a more sustainabl­e future and shows how the combined effort can result in a magnificen­t difference. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

About Nick:

Nick Heuzenroed­er, CEO and Managing Director of Haven Wealth Partners.

A true and dedicated ethical investment manager and carbon-neutral business.

After a lengthy career working for banking and investment institutio­ns, Nick decided to do something audacious and to make a real difference. Driven by increasing consumer and organisati­onal demand for ethical and responsibl­e investment products, and frustrated by the absence of products with strong conviction and competitiv­e fees, Haven Wealth Partners was born. As CEO of one of the only carbon-neutral investment companies in Australia, Nick brings his high energy, depth, and breadth of knowledge and experience in investment­s, to deliver a value focussed ethical investment solution for individual­s, businesses, and institutio­ns in which to entrust their wealth.

For more informatio­n or to get in touch with Nick, contact him at:

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