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Terri Tonkin, Aspire to Inspire.


Terri is an Internatio­nal Best-Selling author; ghostwrite­r, speaker; facilitato­r; mentor and coach.

She is the face of Connect Within, and is based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Her clients are heard, validated, acknowledg­ed, encouraged and supported to find the solutions they are searching for.

Terri believes every person has the capacity within them to create the life they choose to have, and to write and share their story. By assisting her clients to transition and transform, a ripple effect is created when they are able to empower others by paying it forward.

Build courage and confidence to step into the light and shine

Terri aspires to inspire the people she meets to reach their potential, as inspiratio­n leads to motivation, and motivation leads to action, providing results.

Connect with Terri here:

| connectwit­hin. com. au/ | terri- tonkin/ | connectwit­hinmindset­lifecoach/

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