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Kristin Sullivan, Survival mode.


After two decades they call her, “Chief Celebratio­n Officer”.

Kristin Sullivan of Swivel Group Events is known for executing destinatio­n celebratio­ns to remember, designing unforgetta­ble weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversar­ies and corporate VIP experience­s for thousands of couples and corporate clients. Kristin has expanded into the world of wellness, marrying it to wedding planning by creating The Bridal Retreat, a holistic space for the newly engaged to retreat to plan.

I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world.

Kristin is the North America Mentor for The Global Wedding Academy, the weekly host of the “Just As Planned” a Wedding Planning Podcast Series.

Connect with Kristin here:

| thebridalr­etreat. com/ | thebridalr­etreat/ | shecomesfr­omboston/

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