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Kylie James, Rediscover­ing the girl in the Yellow Tutu


Kylie James is an Executive Coach, People Strategist, Champion of Change, and Author.

Kylie is the founder of Kylie James Coaching, a business she founded in 2021 empowering people to live their best life by discoverin­g how they can become more visible in their own world.

She combines her leadership, coaching and Human Resources (HR) expertise to create and deliver practical, people-focussed solutions.

Being different is a clear indication that treasure is there.

Rebecca Campbell

Her clients say:

“Kylie keeps me grounded and reminds me of what I can control. I leave our chats feeling inspired. I have more perspectiv­e and am ready to tackle the world” – Casey

Connect with Kylie here:

| kyliejames. com. au/ | kyliejames­coaching / | kyliejames­coaching/

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