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We built a tech-savvy study and got our dining table back


ur renovation plans started in the study because the kids were at the dining table, even pre-COVID doing their homework, and then obviously once we started home schooling having all the school gear across the dining table was not desirable. It’s what most people have been doing and I thought ‘you know what, we’ve got a study’, let’s go to the trouble of fitting it out properly so we don’t have this predicamen­t of school books everywhere.

We had this under-utilised room, it was literally a room that we stored a lot of stuff that we needed to throw out. It had a single doorway, so we’ve opened it up to be a wider doorway because more people are using it and the slider allows it to be private if you’re video conferenci­ng or if the kids need quiet time for their study or homework.

There’s a couple of things going on. We’ve set up an IP phone system that links straight into our office so this is a virtual office away from our office. I put that window in. We had a large window that was low and it didn’t allow for overheads or a bench to go across.

We’ve got lots of double power points with USB chargers that are above bench, but I’ve got as many, if not more, power points below the bench, and I’m not finished. There’s a cable tray that goes all the way around, so you don’t see cables hanging down. And then you’ve got inductive charging. I’ve got one to put in ... t just sits under the bench and you just put your phone on the benchtop and it charges through the bench. It will work through stone. Eventually, USB will become redundant and we’re talking about a wireless charging environmen­t. We also have 3000k LED low energy consumptio­n lights that are dimmable. You can literally voice control anything in the home. That can be essential services like lighting control, airconditi­oning, window treatments, audiovisua­l systems and security.

So this was really just about putting in all the creature comforts that we’ve thought about for a long time and put on the backburner. COVID brought all that to the front as a priority and it’s made the home more comfortabl­e and more secure. That’s a big one right now, cameras everywhere around the house.”

Damian and Anissa Cavanagh, of smart home solution company Electronic Living (above). Kids Hudson, nine, Archer, six, (left). The family is from Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane

We’ve set up an IP phone system that links straight into our

office so this is a virtual office away

from our office

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