Dou­ble wheel act

They may not be bikes as such but they’re close

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17-inch wheel.

The dual front wheel setup is very sim­i­lar to that seen on Pi­ag­gio’s MP3 range of trikes, right down to the tilt­ing front end be­ing lock­able at low speeds so the rider doesn’t have to put his or her feet down at the lights.

That tilt­ing front axle should make the Onyx a bril­liant ride on chopped-up city streets.

The Pi­ag­gios are at their best over cob­ble­stones, pot­holes and tram tracks, on

which los­ing the front end takes con­certed stu­pid­ity. For rid­ing sta­bil­ity, they’re un­beat­able.

What sets the Onyx apart is the styling, led by a re­mov­able ClipBox stor­age unit be­tween the seat and han­dle­bars that Peu­geot says will store two hel­mets.

It also en­ables two rid­ing modes: Sport, where the rider leans for­ward in a pseudo-su­per­bike seat­ing po­si­tion, and Ur­ban, which is the con­ven­tional feetforwar­d, head-up scooter stance.

The con­cept uses brake re­gen­er­a­tion to in­crease elec­tric-only range, which is claimed to be about 30km. The com­bined fuel con­sump­tion is 2.0L/100km.

The Me­trop­o­lis, a three­wheel­erer us­ing the Onyx’s 400cc engine, was also on show in Paris and looked to be pro­duc­tion-ready.

The Me­trop­o­lis’s top speed is said to be about 140km/h.

There are back­rests for rider and pil­lion and the wind­screen can be ad­justed on the fly. Peu­geot says the un­der-seat stor­age will take an open-face hel­met, while the rear boot will fit a full­face hel­met or a lap­top case.

An elec­tronic smart key means the Me­trop­o­lis doesn’t have a con­ven­tional ig­ni­tion switch. In­stead the rider thumbs the start but­ton while hold­ing on to the brakes.

Peu­geot hasn’t re­leased pric­ing for the Me­trop­o­lis (it no longer of­fi­cially sells scoot­ers in Aus­tralia) but ex­pect it to be in ex­cess of $10,000.

Looker: Re­move the Onyx’s ClipBox stor­age and change stance from ur­ban feet-for­ward to pseudo-su­per­bike

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