Ninja hits the brakes

Maker or­ders a halt to fix ABS and elec­tron­ics

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for sale,’’ Baker says. He also ad­vises that Kawasaki Aus­tralia has had no re­ports of brake prob­lems on the Ninja, though ‘‘ there have been a min­i­mal num­ber of po­ten­tial is­sues with the Ninja 300 ECU’’.

Own­ers of af­fected bikes will be no­ti­fied by mail and deal­ers will carry out the work free.

Baker es­ti­mates the work will take about two hours, once the dealer has re­ceived re­place­ment parts.

‘‘ Parts for floor stock have al­ready been shipped but deal­ers will need to or­der them as the own­ers present the bikes,’’ he says. ‘‘ That will only take one or two days . . . bikes can be rid­den in the mean­time.’’

The re­call no­tice says the pro­grammed set­ting of the ECU is in­cor­rect, which ‘‘ may cause the ve­hi­cle to un­ex­pect­edly stall’’. Re­ports from the US say this can oc­cur dur­ing de­cel­er­a­tion or brak­ing.

Ver­sions of the Ninja 300 fit­ted with ABS will also be in­spected for a ‘‘ for­eign par­ti­cle’’ that may lodge in ei­ther the in­let or out­let valve. The web­site re­ says: ‘‘ If the de­fect oc­curs, the ABS func­tion may not op­er­ate ef­fec­tively which may cause the front and/or rear wheel to lock up un­ex­pect­edly’’. A batch of Z800 mod­els is also sub­ject to the same ABS-re­lated re­call.

The Ninja 300 sells for $6199 (ABS-equipped ver­sion is $6699). It leads the lo­cal sales charts by the prover­bial mile, tal­ly­ing 1898 sales in the first six months of this year. The next best seller was Yamaha’s WR450F with 795 sold.

Ear­lier this month BMW had to re­call its F700 GS and F800 GS to rec­tify the side­stand safety switch and side­stand mount. The safety switch kills the engine if rid­ers try to en­gage a gear with the stand down. BMW found there was the po­ten­tial for the stand to work loose from the frame.

Ninja 300: Re­call cov­ers more than 3000 bikes na­tion­ally

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