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Treat it with less aban­don and it uses a claimed 6.0 litres of diesel ev­ery 100km.

The X6 is about ex­cess — if buy­ers wanted con­ven­tional, they’d be shop­ping for an X5 — and that re­quires an en­gine to back up the de­sign drama. En­ter the 50i and M50d, cater­ing to per­for­mance petrol and diesel fans alike with a sprint time of 4.8 and 5.2 sec­onds re­spec­tively.

Fuel use for the turbo V8 is down 22 per cent to 9.7L/100km while the M50d can sip as gen­tly as 6.6L/100km.

All mod­els ride on 20-inch rims cov­ered by 40mm of rub­ber up­front and 35mm down back. Con­se­quently all suf­fer to some de­gree from a jit­tery ride on rough roads as the tyres help deal with the ini­tial im­pact. It is more com­posed over big­ger hur­dles and at pace.

Again, Carsguide sus­pects most buy­ers will ac­cept the trade-off in favour of the “sportier” ride. Steer­ing re­sponse is sharp but with plenty of feed­back. Add that to a big con­tact patch and re­as­sur­ing brakes and this be­jew­elled SUV can still shake a leg on the back roads.

The M50d is the fam­ily gym junkie, aton­ing with brute power what lit­tle it con­cedes in fi­nesse. The mid-range ac­cel­er­a­tion is fear­some and the snarl from the ex­hausts evokes a truly de­mented diesel.

The 50i is the artis­tic one, ca­pa­ble of switch­ing sus­pen­sion modes from com­fort to cannonball in def­er­ence to the driver’s moods. So it is the most for­giv­ing on bro­ken bi­tu­men yet will steam­roller its way through a hair­pin turn with im­pe­ri­ous ease as the elec­tron­ics in the all-wheel drive sys­tem shuf­fle torque to each wheel as re­quired. BMW in­tro­duces wor­thy firsts on its sec­ond-gen X6 but be­ing first to show­rooms may be its big­gest ace. This car is out there, on the streets and in your face, as a rolling re­minder it has evolved from seven years of cus­tomer feed­back to be bet­ter ev­ery­where. Benz and Audi will need their A-game to beat it.

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