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I would like your thoughts on the Toy­ota hy­brid bat­tery, as this week the bat­tery died af­ter 230,000km in my Camry taxi. I thought it was a bit pre­ma­ture and to re­place it will cost about $4000. Call­ing around some of the Toy­ota deal­ers, gen­er­ally they men­tioned that they haven’t come across a sit­u­a­tion like mine but I think it’s a lot of money if I have to re­place the bat­tery ev­ery 2 ½ years. Thomas Katahi­o­tis, email Toy­ota spokesman Mike Breen says: “Our in­spec­tion of Mr Katahi­o­tis’s Camry hy­brid taxi re­vealed the hy­brid bat­tery failed due to over­heat­ing which was caused by the cool­ing fan be­ing blocked by lint and fluff ac­cu­mu­la­tion. Toy­ota rec­om­mends hy­brid ve­hi­cles used as taxis are fit­ted with an ad­di­tional fil­ter due to the high in­ci­dence of en­try and exit from the pas­sen­ger-side rear door, which was not fit­ted in this case. All Toy­ota deal­ers and out­side ser­vice agents have been ad­vised of this re­quire­ment by ser­vice bul­letin as well as ma­jor taxi fleet op­er­a­tors. In this case, de­spite the con­sid­er­able dis­tance trav­elled, Toy­ota has agreed to con­trib­ute 25 per cent as a ges­ture of good­will and, in ad­di­tion, a fil­ter was in­stalled and the owner ad­vised of the reg­u­lar main­te­nance re­quire­ment”. THE VF IS KING I am look­ing at buy­ing a 2013-2014 Ford Fal­con or Holden Com­modore, stan­dard model. Can you pro­vide ad­vice as to what is a bet­ter buy and any make of car I should also con­sider? Dar­ryl Buchanan, email For me, the Com­modore VF is the bet­ter car and gets The Tick. If you just want fam­ily trans­port, you should also take a close look at the Toy­ota Camry, which is vastly un­der­rated but also a Tick car. XR8s ARE GREAT You are wrong about all the Ford FG-X XR8s be­ing al­lo­cated to own­ers. I know of two sit­ting at Ber­wick Ford, and other deal­ers around the coun­try. You can also still or­der them so maybe you need to do a bit of in­ves­ti­ga­tion. I’m a proud FG-X owner and wouldn’t touch the Com­modore VFII SS with a 10-foot barge pole. It still has an old mo­tor that Chev re­placed out of the Corvette. Gra­ham Dixon, email I can only re­port what I’m told by Ford and they have said they are al­lo­cated. Still, it’s no sur­prise deal­ers have pre-or­dered cars to cater for diehard Fal­con fans. LUCKY BREAK I would like to point out all XR8s are not al­lo­cated to own­ers as sug­gested in your col­umn. This could be one of your read­ers’ lucky days as I have a Ki­netic Blue man­ual in stock and I’m happy to sell it. John Tzelepis, Binks Ford And here is one, ready to go, for any prospec­tive buy­ers.

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