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strong power band to play with. The close-ra­tio six-speed has Fer­rari-style push-but­ton se­lec­tion of first (or re­verse), then you use the pad­dles.

Shifts un­der pres­sure are snappy and seam­less. Au­to­matic mode is also pro­vided for Nonna to use when she goes to the mar­ket.

Ini­tial turn-in is ac­com­pa­nied by quite a de­gree of body roll but the Spi­der is supremely flick­able, set­tles im­me­di­ately, then goes where it’s aimed with won­der­ful pre­ci­sion and con­trol. You get so much feed­back that it’s easy to feel how close you are to the Alfa’s lim­its of grip, which are ex­tremely high.

Sta­bil­ity con­trol will chirp a rear wheel to con­trol over­steer if you’re too am­bi­tious on en­try and lift off late; the elec­tronic diff func­tion gets drive ef­fi­ciently to the bi­tu­men as you power out, with at­ti­tude if re­quired in Race mode, which

nukes the trac­tion con­trol.

Motoring in the raw: loud, un­com­pro­mis­ing, fast and fu­ri­ous, wrapped in sen­su­ous pan­els. As a daily drive the Alfa is use­less but you’d still have one.

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