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Fab to read about the zippy new Suzuki Ig­nis. Am I the only one in­trigued by the three flutes in the roof pil­lar in your rear-view photo? Suzuki isn’t known for retro styling — well, not in the cars any­way — but I fig­ure those flutes have to be there for a rea­son. Sure enough, find a photo of the mid1970s Suzuki Fronte coupe and you’ll spot some fa­mil­iar styling cues. Cor­rect me if I’m wrong, but the en­tire back half of the new Ig­nis seems to in­spired by the thundering 360cc Fronte. Fraser Faith­full, email That’s good spot­ting and you could be right, al­though Suzuki says the Ig­nis is all about achiev­ing a mini-SUV look for the car. TAKE A GOOD LOOK Re con­vex mir­rors. Try this small ex­er­cise be­fore driv­ing, then re­peat as they change lanes. They should turn their head so their chin touches the left shoul­der while turn­ing their eyes left, then re­peat the ex­er­cise with their right shoul­der turn­ing their eyes right. Very easy un­less you’re in a neck brace. The old-school head check comes in handy at times … Steve Haskell, email Yes, mir­rors are a sec­ondary safety sys­tem. TAX A LUX­URY If there is no more Aussie car pro­duc­tion why do we still have to pay a Lux­ury Car Tax, or any tax at all? Jack McBride, email The LCT was cre­ated to pro­tect the Aus­tralian-made Holden and Ford flag­ships but long ago turned into a tidy lit­tle earner for Canberra. It’s not go­ing away. WASTE OF SPACE At the same time as car mak­ers want to sell me so­phis­ti­cated and ex­pen­sive safety tech­nol­ogy, they want to deny me the ba­sic safety of a full-size spare wheel. Their pri­or­i­ties are wrong. Peter Stubbs, email That takes the space-saver dis­cus­sion in a new di­rec­tion. SHOP AROUND What’s your opin­ion on the ded­i­cated LPG Fal­con? I have been asked to look for a used car for my part­ner’s son. His VZ Com­modore needs too much work. There are nu­mer­ous eGas Fal­cons, about eight to 10 years old, with low kilo­me­tres. Fritz, email The ded­i­cated LPG Fal­cons were very good when new but, like any car, at that sort of age there will be prob­lems. I have not heard any­thing bad about the eGas set-up but you should not zero-in on a Fal­con just be­cause of the gas. There are so many other great used cars in the medium class that are more eco­nom­i­cal with four-cylin­der en­gines.

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