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SELL­ING a car your­self might not be as easy or as prof­itable as it looks, de­spite the rise of on­line trad­ing. “You might be able to ne­go­ti­ate a bet­ter deal if you trade,” says Am­modio. “If you want to sell pri­vately it can be time­con­sum­ing, at times frus­trat­ing, and may re­quire lots of pa­tience as well.” He also warns of scams in the sec­ond-hand busi­ness, from dodgy in­ter­state buy­ers to run­aways who take a test drive and don’t come back. From the dealer side, the ad­vice is ob­vi­ous. “A trade-in is far bet­ter and has­sle-free,” the in­sider says. “The dealer can take care of any money ow­ing, use the trade eq­uity to­wards the new car, and there are no tim­ing is­sues.”


1 Buy right. “Stick w with well-known brands that have long­stand­ing rep­u­ta­tions.”

2 Do the ser­vic­ing: “A used-car buyer will usu­ally look at what rec­ti­fi­ca­tion is re­quired and the cost, and this will ad­versely af­fect re­sale value.”

3 Keep it clean. “Make sure the car is well main­tained and the tyres are in good con­di­tion.”

4 Don’t run up big dis­tances. “The ideal time to trade-in is be­fore a car hits the py­cho­log­i­cal 100,000km bar­rier, so change over if you can at the 70,000 or 80,000 mark.”

5 Go hi-tech. “Tech­nol­ogy that is de­sir­able by early adopters will add ap­peal to a used car and make it more re-mar­ketable if this tech­nol­ogy is still not widely avail­able in new cars.”


1 Trade at the right time. “Just as the war­ranty is about to ex­pire is the best time to do a trade-in deal.”

2 Tell the truth. “Cus­tomers do more harm to them­selves when they try to ‘gild the lily’ on their trade-in.”

3 Don’t be greedy. “Deal­ers are mo­ti­vated to move cars but nor­mally have nowhere near the mar­gin the pub­lic think, es­pe­cially on drive-away of­fers.”

4 Keep the dis­tance down. “The lower the kilo­me­tres the more the car will be worth.”

5 Fol­low the crowd. “Nor­mally, a pop­u­lar new car will be a pop­u­lar used car.”

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