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You can or­der your GTS in five vari­ants. The price of a ticket is $280K — for starters. Hamish Miles re­ports

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AN­OTHER month, an­other Porsche 911. This sea­son’s new­est ad­di­tion to the sports car maker’s sta­ble is the GTS — avail­able in five vari­ants and tak­ing the 911 range to more than 20.

The 331kW GTS ar­rives as a Coupe or Cabri­o­let with rear or all-wheel drive plus the range­top­ping 911 Targa 4 GTS with all-wheel drive.

Each has man­ual or du­al­clutch au­to­matic trans­mis­sion op­tions and all should bet­ter 300km/h. The fastest of the new mob ac­cel­er­ates from rest to 100km/h in 3.6 sec­onds.

As it should be, all GTS vari­ants are faster and more pow­er­ful than the 911 Car­rera S Coupe or pre­vi­ous GTS it­er­a­tions thanks in part to new twin tur­bos on Porsche’s flat six­cylin­der en­gine.

With chas­sis im­prove­ments and wider rear track, the Car­rera GTS has re­port­edly run the de­mand­ing and con­vo­luted 21km of Ger­many’s famed Nur­bur­gring Nord­schleife in just 7 min­utes, 26 sec­onds on show­room rub­ber — 12 sec­onds faster than its pre­de­ces­sor and four sec­onds faster than the cur­rent Car­rera S.

It does so with vis­ceral me­chan­i­cal wail­ing from the rear, the ev­i­dence of the in­creased power out­put and, now, 550Nm of torque.

There’s also ex­tra style to be had here — the 911 GTS shares the broader body of the Car­rera 4 to ac­com­mo­date the wider track and 20mm lower ride height with Porsche’s ac­tive sus­pen­sion.

There’s more mus­cle to the haunches, more ag­gres­sive front-end style and black badg­ing here and there plus sports ex­hausts to dis­tin­guish the GTS from other 911s.

At­ten­tion to de­tail is im­por­tant for a car that starts at $282,700 for a seven-speed man­ual Car­rera GTS Coupe and runs through to $320,400 for a man­ual Targa 4 GTS.

The sculpted two-door body is com­ple­mented by a sport­ing and snug cabin with hi­phug­ging Sports seats and the GTS scores Porsche’s “Sport Chrono” pack­age which al­lows driv­ers to an­a­lyse track per­for­mances.

The two rear seats are for pretty small folk, there’s not a tonne of lug­gage space in the front and, in lieu of a spare tyre, there’s just some goop and air com­pres­sor.

Whether for a day on the road or track, the 911 GTS is a sports car, this one strad­dling the mid­dle ground of the range. It is a su­per road car that doesn’t mind the oc­ca­sional romp at the track; other 911s are ei­ther more the sports tourer or the hard-core racer. On Porsche’s reck­on­ing, this is the sweet spot in to­day’s range. ON THE ROAD Fire up the GTS and there’s the fa­mil­iar rear-en­gined sound of Porsche 911s, though with a deeper grum­ble and sub­tler bark these days.

Clam­ber in and the driving po­si­tion is fa­mil­iar, too, a lit­tle off­set to the left with big tachome­ter straight ahead of the driver and good for­ward vi­sion.

Then snick the dual-clutch auto into drive. Porsche’s gear­box gu­rus in­sist this is a quicker trans­mis­sion than the man­ual, plus there’s au­to­matic throt­tle blip­ping on down changes.

Con­di­tions per­mit­ting, plant the right foot for a smooth, seam­less rush of ac­cel­er­a­tion. There’s pre­cious lit­tle lag here, it’s a lin­ear de­liv­ery of power com­ple­mented by ever-so slick up­shifts.

The chas­sis, sur­pris­ingly sup­ple over ragged roads in NSW’s Blue Moun­tains, will al­ways re­spond to driver in­puts. Sub­tle en­gi­neer­ing magic — such as Porsche Torque Vec­tor­ing, which lightly brakes in­side wheels — smooths out un­der­steer and over­steer.

Add to this the smart steer­ing re­sponse, which al­lows a driver to point into a cor­ner, hold the line and punch out of the turn with con­fi­dence. Time af­ter time. It makes an or­di­nary driver look, and feel, like a bit of a road war­rior. VER­DICT There’s just one ques­tion about the 2017 Porsche 911 GTS. Do you go for the “purer” thrills of the rear-drive GTS Coupe or the ex­tra com­po­sure of the all­wheel drive for bet­ter tack­ling back roads?

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