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Means “white gem” in Thai. With its pure white coat, it can have shin­ing blue or gold eyes, or one of each colour. First men­tioned in a book of po­ems circa 700 years old, it’s an an­cient breed.


Like a fe­line dachshund, this short-legged breed emerged fairly re­cently; thought to have de­scended from the stumpy­legged lit­ter of Black­berry, a cat owned by a Louisiana mu­sic teacher in the 1980s.


The owlish Scot­tish fold has a rare ge­netic mu­ta­tion that causes its ears to fold for­ward and down, tight to the head. The breed de­scended from Susie, a 1960s Scot­tish barn cat.


First bred in the noughties, the Levkoy is a strik­ing and fear­some-look­ing mus­cu­lar short­hair, the re­sult of cross­breed­ing a Scot­tish fold with a big-eared Ukrainian Don­skoy.


First bred in Mon­tana, this plush-coated breed can trace its line back to a kit­ten born with un­usu­ally curly fur and named Miss DePesto, af­ter a curly-mopped char­ac­ter from ’80s TV se­ries Moon­light­ing.

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