Street racer, grand tourer and town car in one, the stylish Lexus GS F will also leave your hair ex­ten­sions in­tact

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We were run­ning late and as we were about to rush out the door, I reached for a quick squirt of af­ter­shave. Which way is the spray noz­zle point­ing? I won­dered, star­ing at the bot­tle and press­ing the plunger.

As it hap­pened, it was point­ing at me and I sprayed af­ter­shave in both eyes.

This hurt quite a bit and, to my mind, jus­ti­fied my screams of pain and an­guish and cries of “I’m blinded! I’ll never see again!”

“It’s like liv­ing with a child,” groaned my wife, lead­ing me sob­bing out the door. My eyes were still smart­ing as some time later I walked home be­hind my wife, who had met a friend with whom she was hav­ing a girlchat.

Sud­denly a small, furry an­i­mal ap­peared to leap from her friend’s shoul­der and land at my feet.

The women kept walk­ing, so I stopped and stared. It had no dis­cernible head or tail, so I poked it with my shoe and it rolled over. I was about to pat what I thought must have been a pet ham­ster when my vi­sion cleared and I re­alised I was about to stroke a large clump of hair.

What does one do in a sit­u­a­tion like this? Say, “Ex­cuse me. Did you know your hair was fall­ing out?”

I caught up with the two women and held out the hair. My wife took one look at it and screamed while her friend reached out, calmly took the hair and slipped it into her hand­bag.

The Lexus GS F can also be quite hairy but in an al­to­gether nicer way, thanks to the 5-litre nat­u­rally as­pi­rated V8 that has been squeezed into its en­gine bay.

This is a lux­ury street racer and high­way grand tourer that can also ne­go­ti­ate the chal­lenges of a shop­ping cen­tre carpark, the four ex­haust pipes and bright or­ange brake calipers hint­ing at its se­ri­ous in­tent.

It’s beau­ti­fully put to­gether, as a Lexus tends to be, with lash­ings of leather, an­kledeep car­pets, stun­ning paint­work and doors that clunk shut with the author­ity of a bank vault.

The dash is dom­i­nated by a large touch­screen and the in­stru­ments change colour like a kalei­do­scope de­pend­ing on the drive mode you se­lect.

The sus­pen­sion is quite firm, which trans­lates into su­perb han­dling, but it can rat­tle your bones over your av­er­age Bris­bane goat track.

The ex­haust note is all growl and rum­ble, ris­ing to a me­chan­i­cal howl as you get to­wards the sharp end of the 7300rpm red- line and it will travel from zero to 100km/h in 4.6 sec­onds, but who will buy it?

Some­body, per­haps, who looked at the $250,540 sticker on a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or the $230,900 price tag on a BMW M5 Com­pe­ti­tion and thought the $148,800 ask for the Lexus quite rea­son­able.

The GS F will ap­peal only to those favoured few who like a raw edge to their driv­ing and can af­ford to in­dulge their tastes and, I pre­sume, buy some ex­tra hair when re­quired.

Firm sus­pen­sion trans­lates into su­perb han­dling but can rat­tle your bones over your av­er­age Bris­bane goat track

The Lexus GS F has an ‘ex­haust note that is all growl and rum­ble, ris­ing to a me­chan­i­cal howl as you get to­ward the sharp end of the 7300rpm red-line’.

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