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Well blah blah blah back to Ken Wood (Your View, 18-19 June). He may well think that pub­lish­ing let­ters from Ken John­ston, Judi Cox and Claire Jolliffe is “get­ting very bor­ing”, but I am sure I speak for many of your read­ers in say­ing to any­one who wants to share their views, ex­pe­ri­ences and com­pli­ments re­gard­ing Qweek­end to keep those let­ters rolling. Your mag­a­zine con­tains some amaz­ing jour­nal­ism and I am sure those writ­ers/con­trib­u­tors are thrilled to see oth­ers read­ing their ar­ti­cles and tak­ing the time to ac­knowl­edge the con­tent. I ap­pre­ci­ate that ev­ery­one has their own opin­ion and choices – that is what free­dom of speech is all about! Chris­tine God­frey, Bud­erim I couldn’t agree more with Ken Wood’s com­ments re let­ters from some peo­ple every week. I live on the Sunshine Coast and Claire Jolliffe ap­pears al­most daily in the lo­cal news­pa­per. Give us a break. Pat Reid, Lands­bor­ough Ken Wood’s letter made me smile. I en­joy the fa­mil­iar name writ­ers, cu­ri­ous to read what they have to say. They have be­come old friends, and I welcome Ken into the fold. Keep the let­ters rolling! Tess Row­ley, Wyn­num Con­grat­u­la­tions to Ken Wood for his letter say­ing how bor­ing it is to read let­ters from the same few peo­ple every week in all our news­pa­pers. Th­ese peo­ple must spend most of their life writ­ing let­ters in­form­ing us of their opin­ion. Please put some­thing more in­ter­est­ing in your life and give us a per­ma­nent break from your ev­er­last­ing views on every­thing. Di Robin­son, Bud­erim At last! I com­pletely agree with Ken Wood re­gard­ing the mo­not­o­nous reg­u­lar­ity of let­ters in this col­umn, and frus­trat­ingly in oth­ers, from Jolliffe, Cox and John­ston. I too refuse to read their let­ters. Why are their thoughts so im­por­tant? Ditto: “Give us a break from them”. Carmel Sprenger, Kin­garoy Ken Wood laments the con­stant pres­ence of cer­tain con­trib­u­tors to the Your View page. The rep­e­ti­tion has forged a new sport among read­ers – which of the reg­u­lars have made it again, for how many weeks in a row. I guess the most im­por­tant ques­tion is “are th­ese the only peo­ple in Queens­land mak­ing com­ments?” Heather Bai­ley, Corinda Well done, Ken Wood, and well done Ed for not print­ing a letter from either Judi Cox or Claire Jolliffe. Ken John­ston snuck one in, though. Nice to see I am not the only one an­noyed by th­ese con­stant con­trib­u­tors who have an opin­ion on all things. Try find­ing some­thing else in your lives. Paul Brown, Kings Beach I’d like to say “Take a happy pill, Ken Wood” but in this day and age that is prob­a­bly not good ad­vice. So in­stead I will say, “Get a life”. The rea­son Ken J, Judy, Claire, Crispin (Wal­ters), Mar­garet (Kloos­tra) and oth­ers ap­pear in Let­ters (my favourite sec­tion of the pa­per) reg­u­larly is be­cause they are in­ter­est­ing and en­ter­tain­ing. May it be a long time be­fore they get writ­ers’ cramp. Des King, Riverview Well, Ken Wood, you have a right to give your opin­ion, how­ever you needn’t bother read­ing Ken John­ston, Judi Cox or Claire Jolliffe’s com­ments. I, for one, en­joy their from-the-heart, per­sonal and in­for­ma­tive sto­ries. I seek out their names, read and en­joy. Kath­leen Wilm­ing­ton, Ca­bool­ture It was well and truly over­due to pub­lish a letter de­cry­ing the bom­bard­ment of whiny rub­bish we have to en­dure on a weekly, if not daily, ba­sis from Ken John­ston, Judi Cox and Claire Jolliffe. Thank you, Ken Wood. You suc­cinctly worded what a ma­jor­ity of read­ers have been suf­fer­ing for years. He­len Wick­man, Kuraby Fame or in­famy? Ken, Claire and Judi, the pen is might­ier than the sword, it seems. Terry Dale, Ox­ley Oh dear! Ken Wood cer­tainly got out of bed on the wrong side one morn­ing to pen his whinge to

Qweek­end. To cor­rect you, my let­ters do not make The Courier-Mail very of­ten, let alone “most days of the week”. You have cer­tainly missed some very reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tors by nam­ing only three. I write let­ters as a hobby in lieu of do­ing cross­words or sudoku to keep my brain func­tion­ing. Ken John­ston, Rochedale South

This week’s Your Shot win­ner on the sub­ject of ‘heat’ is Su­san Ri­ley of Vir­ginia.

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