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Growing up in a double-brick home at The Gap in the 1960s, Sue-Ellen Kusher says her family looked like any other Brisbane suburban household. Except, in a mystery that has taken her decades to unravel, it wasn’t.

Kusher has since uncovered that her father, Dudley Doherty, was an Australian Security Intelligen­ce Organisati­on spy – and lived a life of deception that embroiled his children.

“All of us had some system in our head for putting the secrets where they needed to be,” Kusher says of her siblings. “And just not go there.”

Leisa Scott’s tale of how Kusher came to untangle the extraordin­ary tale of her childhood is a must-read.

“He was a man who lived in the grey. There’s right and there’s wrong and there’s somewhere in between. And he was there.’’

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