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The British lawyer’s debut novel will soon be a TV series

- Shiver by Allie Reynolds, Hachette, out this week, $33

Allie Reynolds, 45, is a top British freestyle snowboarde­r turned

Gold Coast author. but extremely dangerous. There were 160 people missing in the glaciers there, who had disappeare­d over the years from falling down crevasses and avalanches. These bodies would slowly emerge when climbers and hikers would discover body parts protruding from the ice,’’ says the Agatha Christie fan. “I put these ideas together and imagined if someone went missing in this environmen­t, was their death an accident or was it something sinister? Then who might want to do something sinister – an athlete taking out one of their rivals maybe?”

Reynolds spent five winters competing, after graduating with a degree in artificial intelligen­ce, but always wanted to be a novelist. She wrote Shiver in about six months, after finally putting aside a novel she’d struggled with for nearly 20 years while competing, then training and working as an English teacher.

Shiver, which ended up in a 10publishe­r auction resulting in a two-book deal, will be published in 18 territorie­s and is being made into a UK TV series.

“It is just a total dream. I started writing full-time in 2018, and started writing Shiver. The idea just came very smoothly. I guess all that scribbling for 20 years actually did get me somewhere in the end, though it didn’t feel like it at the time,” she says.

Reynolds is working on her next book, another psychologi­cal thriller, this time set on a remote Australian beach, writing longhand with pen and paper at her kitchen table, in between juggling the demands of her two sons, six and eight, and noisy tabby cat Muffin.

“We’ve gone from the snow and ice, to the heat and ocean,” says Reynolds, a keen surfer who tries to hit the waves several times a week. “Surfing has almost the same high (as snowboardi­ng) but without the broken bones.”

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