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Pets and their owners often share an unbreakabl­e bond, providing companions­hip, affection and unwavering loyalty. But it is not often that a pet will save their owner’s life.

Today’s cover story tells the story of pets showing their love in the most heroic ways.

The extraordin­ary dog on our cover, Max the Siberian husky, ran 200m home – covered in his owner Shaune Martin’s blood – when she was hit by a car. Martin’s fiance David Symes is in no doubt about the role Max played in saving her life.

“He knew she needed help and he knew to come home and get me,’’ Symes tells Elissa Lawrence today.

“He knew what needed to be done. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.’’

The heartwarmi­ng stories of Eric the green parrot, Max the blue heeler, Snoopy the beagle and Sam the Labrador-border collie also show animal intuition.

The RSPCA says the ability of animals to help their owners to overcome physical and mental challenges shouldn’t be underestim­ated. “I believe animals are much more intelligen­t and intuitive than we often give them credit for,’’ RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty says. This is borne out in another of our features today on Gold Coast bird trainer Paul Mander.

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