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- Denise Edwards, Cooroy Claire Joliffe, Buderim

Leisa Scott’s article “Frozen in Time” (March 27-28) brought back fond memories of Charlotte, my Burmese cat, who died in 2004. She attended both sons’ weddings, lay beside me for months when I was recovering from a severe illness and travelled with us on holidays. I can understand why people can’t let go and decide to have their pets freeze frozen. She was my constant companion for 19 years and I miss her still.

One cannot but feel deeply for Rosie Ayliffe whose only child, Mia, was murdered at Home Hill whilst backpackin­g and living at a hostel. To think another backpacker who attempted to help Mia was also killed, is horrendous. During her investigat­ions, Ms Ayliffe uncovered a great amount of exploitati­on of backpacker­s by some no-good farmers in our country. Ms Ayliffe has done a great service to others by chroniclin­g what she discovered in her book. This will be of great benefit to others who will undoubtedl­y resume this lifestyle post-COVID. Many families owe her a debt of gratitude.

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