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STAMP col­lect­ing is the most pop­u­lar hobby in the world, ac­cord­ing to Aus­tralia Post.

In Aus­tralia alone, there are more than one mil­lion stamp col­lec­tors and peo­ple of all ages love to col­lect stamps.

There are many rea­sons why peo­ple col­lect stamps, but the main rea­son is that it is easy and fun.

Peo­ple of­ten be­gin col­lect­ing be­cause they like the de­signs on par­tic­u­lar stamps, or be­cause of an in­ter­est in a favourite topic, such as sport, an­i­mals or space ex­plo­ration.

Stamp col­lect­ing is a great way to learn about other coun­tries and cul­tures too.

Week­end Shop­per’s An­tiques & Col­lecta­bles sec­tion fea­tures stamps.

Peo­ple also col­lect stamps be­cause they like to have keep­sakes from spe­cial events and mile­stones. Also, some stamps can be rare and very valu­able for peo­ple lucky enough to find them.

What­ever the rea­son, stamp col­lect­ing is fun and it’s re­ally easy to get started.

Peo­ple don’t need much to start a col­lec­tion, just a few stamps and a place to keep and dis­play them.

A stamp col­lec­tion can be as in­di­vid­ual as the owner and the good thing about stamp col­lect­ing is that it's not an ex­pen­sive hobby. All peo­ple re­ally need is a stamp al­bum and some stamps.

A stamp al­bum helps peo­ple or­gan­ise and dis­play their col­lec­tion.

There are many types to choose from, but one of the most pop­u­lar is a loose-leaf al­bum, with sep­a­rate sheets in a bin­der.

The sep­a­rate sheets help peo­ple to or­gan­ise their al­bum any way they want and peo­ple can add new sheets to their col­lec­tion when­ever they need to.

Trans­par­ent stamp mounts or stamp hinges are the best way of at­tach­ing stamps with­out dam­ag­ing them.

Never lick stamps to stick them in an al­bum, and never use glue or tape as it will ruin the stamps.

Stamp tweez­ers have blunt ends, so they will not dam­age stamps and a mag­ni­fy­ing glass will en­sure peo­ple see small de­tails.

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