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Powerball records out next week


THE LEGAL team for Geelong’s Powerball 14 hope to receive Tatts records relating to the controvers­ial $16.7 million windfall early next week.

Lawyer Romano Piva said Tatts had indicated it would only take one to two days to gather the informatio­n.

It follows a Supreme Court order on Thursday requiring Tattersall­s Sweeps to hand over informatio­n about who bought the winning entry, the method of payment for the ticket and who received the multimilli­ondollar bonanza.

The Powerball 14 went to the Supreme Court seeking informatio­n about the win.

They suspected one of three winners to share in the $50 million October 16 draw was Gary Baron, who was responsibl­e for buying tickets in the big draws for a group of workmates at the Toll Group. Mr Baron, 49, (below) has kept mum until this week, when he admitted that he landed the major prize.

But he said he did it with a personal ticket, not with those bought for the syndicate.

Mr Baron put out a statement through his lawyer on Thursday saying that he had bought his $46.45 ticket three days before he splashed $520 on Powerball entries on behalf of the syndicate of workmates.

“I always kept my personal purchases separate from my syndicate purchase, often buying personal tickets and syndicate tickets on different days,” Mr Baron, of Lara, said.

He admitted that, in hindsight, he should have explained the circumstan­ce to syndicate members.

Mr Piva said yesterday that the Powerball 14 had read Mr Baron’s statement with interest.

“We are just concerned that it’s taken him since October last year to make this startling revelation,” Mr Piva said.

“We certainly want to give him every benefit of explaining it, but we want to wait to see what Tatts records say.”

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