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Google zooms in on photo storage solution with app


GOOGLE wants to store every photograph you’ve ever taken, file images into easy-to-view categories, create collages and animations for your approval, and will do so for free.

There’s just one catch: The company will tweak them first.

The internet giant launched its innovative Google Photos app in Android and Apple app stores and online, just hours after unveiling the ambitious plan at its annual developers’ conference in San Francisco.

With Google Photos, the company will offer every person who downloads the app unlimited photo storage in a plan to bring “Google-scale technology to the problem” of photo management.

Google Photos product lead David Lieb said the company chose to tackle photo storage as it was a growing problem for many users, all of whom where capturing more photos than ever from an array of gadgets.

“Our photos are completely unorganise­d,” Mr Lieb said. “There’s no way to actually categorise them and if you’re trying to find a particular photo, good luck.”

While users will be offered unlimited photo storage, it is only under the condition that they let Google compress their photo files to a smaller size.

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