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Jackson’s Neverland ranch goes up for sale


MICHAEL Jackson’s Neverland ranch is on the market.

The Santa Ynez Valley property that oncee served as the latee pop star’s homee and personal fanntasyla­nd is beingg listed at $100 milllion, according too the Wall Streetet Journal.

The 1090haa ranch featuring a train station, six-bedroom house and 50-seat movieie theatre has been in limbo since Jackson’s death in 2009.

Jackson paid $19.5 million for the property in 1988 and rechristen­ed it Neverland after Peter Pan’s island dwelling. The real e estate company Co Colony Capital ba bailed out Jackso son in 2008 after he defaulted on th the $24.5 million th that he owed on th the property.

Jackson distan tanced himself fro from Neverland after his 200 2005 acquittal on charges that he molested children at the ranch and opted to live elsewhere with his three children.

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